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A New Year is Here!

We have had our share of blessings and lessons learned in 2018.  May it be that 2019 be a fresh year for us to pursue not only our work goals but our life goals — may it be that year that we continue to push forward for a purposeful life. Happy new year to us all!

Advantages of Becoming a Lawyer

So, you’re considering a legal career. Specifically, becoming a lawyer. Perhaps this article will help you decide whether to pursue it or not. Here are some of the advantages of being a lawyer: You can help others seek justice. Being a lawyer gives you the unique opportunity to fight for the rights of others. You…

Leadership Matters

Have you been thrust into leadership positions at work or even in groups you have been joining? Well, that has been my story this year. Thankfully, back in 2016, I took the time to enrol in an online course on leadership. That course has proven to be helpful for me. In leadership, (well, just like…

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