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12 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

Leadership is something we experience or exercise not only in the workplace but also in our homes, communities and even in our nation. I recently came across a list of 100 Best Quotes on Leadership featured on Forbes.com which I found inspiring and thought-provoking. Here’s my top 12 among the quotes: A leader is a dealer in…

The Philippine Holidays of 2019

It took me some time to post the Philippine holidays of 2018. This year I am doing a much earlier post for the 2019 holidays. I hope this will be a helpful guide for our Philippine readers as they plan in advance some of their work deadlines and possible travels during the non-working holidays. The…

Personal Injury? Get The Justice You Deserve Delivered

Legalities and fine prints, laws, and loopholes, these are kind of things we would expect a qualified attorney to know, not the layman. However, scenarios can happen in anyone’s life where prudence about the law can limit damages and bring justice. Workplace scenarios are some of the most common places where legal confrontation may occur….

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