Advantages of Becoming a Lawyer

So, you’re considering a legal career. Specifically, becoming a lawyer. Perhaps this article will help you decide whether to pursue it or not.

Here are some of the advantages of being a lawyer:

  1. You can help others seek justice. Being a lawyer gives you the unique opportunity to fight for the rights of others. You can give a voice to those who don’t have one. You can defend your client, or you can file a case on their behalf. This is still an unjust world and lawyers are certainly needed. People who experience injury from the attack or negligence of others can seek help from lawyers, like the personal injury attorney Tampa.  
  2. Having many career options. Lawyers can choose whether to do private practice or work with the government. They can even choose to do solo practice or work with other lawyers in a law firm. They can also enter varied career fields: politics, commerce, academe. My late father, a lawyer, at one point worked as one of the instructors at a university. At one point, he was also an elective official. An uncle of mine, also a lawyer, once served a top non-elective post in the government and his edge among the other applicants for the position was that he was the only lawyer among them.
  3. Being in an intellectually stimulating company. Even law students would attest that being in law school brings them in regular company of the smart and intelligent. Being in such an environment, in law school and when one is already a licensed law practitioner, would certainly help sharpen one’s mind and stimulate further intellectual growth.
  4. Having respect and prestige. This appears to be naturally awarded to a person who is a lawyer. They are looked up, their opinions and views are listened to, even sought after. And the more a lawyer is known for being one with integrity, the more his/her respect and prestige levels up. Perhaps the respect and prestige that comes with being a lawyer makes it easier for lawyers to run for public office. Take note that 25 of the US presidents were lawyers.
  5. Getting a strong foundation for further studies. According to the hotcoursesabroad, students have a wide option of combining their legal studies with other non-law degrees. This can then give them wider career opportunities as well as help them to becoming even more well-rounder persons and leaders.  

There are also what may be considered as cons in becoming a lawyer: law school can be costly, long hours at work, facing client pressure, high stress. These are the most common cited by lawyers.

In the end, deciding to pursue becoming a lawyer is really a personal decision. Yes, we may cite the benefits (pros) and the cons but if one sees it as one’s calling in life and one has the intellectual capacity as well as the perseverance to pursue it, then that would be a go signal o pursue this career path.

Should you decide to become a lawyer, make sure to make a difference in your part of the world 😊