4 Basic Tips for Business Success

A couple of nights ago, my husband and I decided to eat at a restaurant near our home. We were craving for some fresh tuna fish and this restaurant was known for cooking it well either as a soup dish or a grilled one. This restaurant’s food prices were also okay, just within our budget.

We just walked to the restaurant from our house but unfortunately, it was closed that evening due to some big city gathering that its owners were apparently involved in. And so, we went to another one, just a few meters further. This one was, thankfully, opened.

They had good beef stew available as well as fish soup (fish available was swordfish). We decided to stay and made our orders, including a vegetable dish and we also opted to order rice.

We also ordered a couple of sodas, but we were told that their stock had run out! Hmmm. One of their servers did eventually find a way to serve as sodas (apparently, he went out of the restaurant and bought it from a nearby convenient store!).

Customers had the option to stay in the front area of the restaurant where one can dine al fresco or head to an inner area where there was cool air conditioner. In our part of the world, it was a sweltering summer night. The choice for us was nothing less that the airconditioned area.

It was just one evening really, or more specifically just a couple hours we spent at the restaurant, but 3 business basics were illustrated to me which could really help businesses in gaining more customers and yes, profits:

  1. Location is key. Did you notice my husband and I just walked to the restaurant? Well, we did for both restaurants. Both restaurants were conveniently located near two subdivisions including ours. That location is key is so basic but sooo many still seem to forget it and establish their businesses in not-so-strategic locations. They are unreachable location-wise. And if I may say, they also do not have an “online address” to make them reachable to more potential customers.
  2. Focused on customer satisfaction. While the restaurant did run out of soda, their server found a way to still serve us with one. Any business must know how to satisfy the need of their customers. This is so basic in getting returning customers 😊  
  3. More options mean more good business. The restaurant provided customer dining options whether to do it al fresco or inside an airconditioned area. Really, this is a good reminder that our businesses whether be it a diner, a fashion boutique or an online store must provide options and choices for the customer. This can mean the number and kind of products we sell or the kind of service we provide. This is especially true for today when people have online and social media access which means they are more aware than ever what is available out there.

I must also add one important note here: 

4.  Knowing the latest trends and business tools is necessary. This applies to any business, really. We need to keep improving our products, services as well as make use of the latest trends and tools. For instance, we need to be aware of what customer churn is and how it relates to measuring the success of our business.

Wishing you well in your business journey this year 😊