Category: Inspiration

It Will All Work Out in the End

Everything may seem  bleak, dark at times. That career or business path may appear unclear. But if we lived a life under His direction and guidance, it will all work out in the end. Perhaps not in the way we would like or hope it to be so but it will still work out. It…

The Peace We Need

Amidst a full day at work, I received rather toxic messages from squabbling family members 🙂 When I think about it, the concerns and issues in those messages were really simple and could be addressed in a matured and logical way but well, we all take things differently. My comfort in the midst of busyness…

The Season for Singing Has Arrived

Let the Song of Songs 2: 11-13 (from the Bible) be an inspiration for you today 🙂 Song of Songs 2:11-13 The Passion Translation (TPT) 11 The season has changed,     the bondage of your barren winter has ended,     and the season of hiding is over and gone.     The rains have soaked the earth 12 and left it bright with…

And So We’re Back

The months of January and February became problematic for me in blogging. My blogs became inaccessible online. My blog posts dating back from 2011 in all my blogs can not be found. It had to do with hosting problems. I thought of stopping from blogging for good. Bidding goodbye was the easy, most stress-free option….


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